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Trazefy is an online app for managing and monitoring performance indicators, audits and checklists in companies, industries or goverments.

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Best Management

With Trazefy you can manage easily different sets of indicator organized by projects and categories, and assign them to the responsible persons.

Great Integration

Integrate the indicator data adquisition and integrate results with thirds applications. Configure it once and leave the system works for you.

Alert System

When somethings goes out of the bounds that you has fixed, you will be notified knowing at the moment what happens and who is the responsible.

Full Reports

Trazefy gets a quick and professional suite for create customizable reports. Everytime you get updated information from your projects and indicators that they will help you identifying your goals.

Fit to You

Trazefy comes with a superb API that facilitates you can engage Trazefy to your organization IT ecosystem. This feature offers a strong exporting and importing data capabilities with endless possibilities.


All the information is transmmited under secure protocol and is stored encrypted and redounded. Our servers are located on a first class data center with the highest security protocols.
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A solution that is able to adapt to any organization model.

No matter what size, industry or function your organization is, Trazefy is ready to measure any kind of indicators that you can imagine as KPIs, costumers satisfaction, noise or production levels, sales… Goverment agencies, bussiness, companies and industries trust in Trazefy to improve efficiency and service levels.

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